Q. Where can I find the Academic Calendar?


The Academic Calendar can be found on our homepage (www.GreatHeartsLiveOak.org) in the right side menu.

Q. What are GHLO’s school hours?


Drop off usually begins 30 minutes before school starts. We will start at 7:45 am and end at 3:30 pm. Pick up will run until 4:00-4:15, or as determined by our specific school’s needs.

Q. Do the students wear uniforms?


Yes. The students wear uniforms from Dennis Uniforms or Flynn and O’Hara. Uniform details and requirements will be in the Student Handbook. We will also have the uniform details at our Parent Orientation in early May.

Q. Do you have after school care?


Yes, we have an afterschool program called Athenaeum. For more information: https://www.greatheartsamerica.org/athenaeum/tx/

Q. Will GHLO be a K-12 school?


Yes, eventually. We will expand by a grade each year as students progress to the next grade. In 2022, Live Oak will transition into the Lower (K-6th grades) and Upper (7th-12th grades) schools.

Q. Is there a breakfast/lunch program?


Yes. You can fine more information here: https://liveoak.greatheartsamerica.org/academy-life/breakfast-lunch-programs/

Q. Do you have a parent portal to view grades?


No. Grades will be sent out each quarter. If a student is academically struggling in a particular subject, that teacher will reach out to the parent. We observe and assess the student as a whole, and while grades are important, they do not reveal the entire situation.

Q. Do you provide financial assistance for meals, uniforms, or after school care?


Yes. We participate in the Free/Reduced lunch (FRL) program. We also provide assistance with uniforms and after school care for those that qualify FRL. The FRL application will not be available from the State until mid-summer, but you can find more information about “pre-approval” at the Parent Orientation in May.

Q. Are there volunteer opportunities at GHLO?


We love our parent volunteers! Great Hearts has a Parent Service Organization (PSO) at each school. They help support our school through organizing volunteers, running our Spirit Store, and assisting with school events. Some of the volunteering opportunities include lunchroom support, copy room, front desk, classroom events, field days, field trip chaperones, and much, much more. Feel free to email the school or sign up at any parent meeting or event.

Q. My child requires Student Services or Special Education. What services do you provide?


As a public charter school, Great Hearts offers a full continuum of special education services to our students.  This includes all areas of related services, including speech therapy.  For more information, please visit our Student Services page at https://liveoak.greatheartsamerica.org/academics/special-education/.

Q. Do you have bus service?


No. Due to our extremely large geographical boundaries, providing bus services would not be feasible. We do encourage parents to meet with others in their neighborhood to establish carpools or other such arrangements.

Q. What sports will be offered and at what grades?


We are very committed to a full and vibrant athletic community. At this time, we cannot commit to the full availability of athletics, as this requires trained coaches, community interest, and appropriate facilities. Our first full high school in Texas, Great Hearts Monte Vista North has the most fully developed athletic program and should serve as an example for our own community. https://greatheartsmontevistaathletics.org

Q. What is the long-term building plan?


GHLO will open with a main building, playground, and soccer field. Phase 2 will include a gym, black box theater, additional parking, and an upper school building.

Q. Is Great Hearts a private Corporation?


We are a not-for-profit charter school.

Q. Will there be tours available?


Tours are available on a registration basis only. They are in high demand, so I would recommend any campus tour that is available. If we do have any tours available, they will be posted here: https://www.greatheartsamerica.org/enroll/tour-an-academy/

Tours are also occasionally offered exclusively for registered students and will be announced in the school email newsletter.
***Please note that due to the current social distancing restrictions, tours are currently postponed.***

Q. What curriculum is used?


An overview of our curriculum is located here: https://liveoak.greatheartsamerica.org/academics/curriculum/

More information on specific subject curriculum can be found here: https://liveoak.greatheartsamerica.org/academics/academic-resources/

Q. What literature is read?


We will have a reading list soon, but you can see some of the titles that we read here: https://liveoak.greatheartsamerica.org/academics/the-great-books/

Q. Do students receive recess?


All grade levels receive recess. Younger grade levels (Kindergarten through 2nd) will receive two recesses. The length of the recess depends on the grade level, with younger grades receiving as much as 20 minutes per recess.

Q. Are foreign languages fundamental to the Great Hearts curriculum?


First and foremost, we believe that the study of languages, in and of itself, is good. Great Hearts Live Oak will offer Spanish in Kindergarten through 4th grade. Spanish is a beautiful classical language with an important cultural significance in San Antonio. Latin will start in 5th grade and continue through 8th grade. Latin is a foundational language of many of the arts we study, including science and grammar. In high school our students will get to choose between continuing in the Classics or moving to a modern foreign language.

Q. Do you offer services for English Language Learners?


Yes! You can read about our services here: https://liveoak.greatheartsamerica.org/academics/bilingual-and-esl-assistance/

Q. What is the educational approach for neurodivergent students?


We have a full Special Student Services team in each school that seeks to assist every student in their care to participate as fully and as richly with our curriculum as possible. More information can be found here: https://liveoak.greatheartsamerica.org/academics/special-education/

Q. What can you do for individual students that are gifted in specific subjects?


Students that find certain subjects less challenging are encouraged to explore those subjects more thoroughly in order to understand them beyond their current level. For instance, if they are comfortable with a subject, then they are encouraged support their answers with evidence or proofs or answer the question more thoroughly.

Q. What is your approach to classroom management?


At Great Hearts we are as passionate about moral formation as we are about intellectual growth. In grades K-6, each classroom is staffed by a Lead Teacher and an Apprentice Teacher to create an environment in which students are more likely to stay on task. Behavior that consistently distracts from instruction will be addressed first at the classroom level, and then through the assistance of the administration in coordination with parents and special student services (as applicable).

Q. Are your teachers certified?


Many of our teachers are certified. We also hire highly qualified non-certified educators who are experts in their field and passionate about children and learning. First year teachers will spend about 6 weeks prior to the school opening in subject specific training. All teachers, whether lead or apprentice, benefit from weekly professional development. In addition, there are several network-wide professional development days in which our faculty and staff hone their craft in specific content areas.

Q. Due to today’s political climate and rhetoric, will students be subject to one view or will all political views be explored equally and justly?


We prefer to keep current politics out of our classrooms and schools as we believe it is a distraction to learning. We will not have mock elections or other events of a similar nature as we believe these can be unnecessarily divisive.

Q. I have another child on the waitlist. When will they be accepted?


Sibling priority only applies when the applicant has a sibling that is officially enrolled in that campus. Once you have completed registration of your child that has received an offer, sibling priority status will be applied to any siblings on that campus’ waitlist. They will then move to the top of the waitlist, in the order of the original lottery number. Offers are generally extended on a rolling basis, so completing your registration early is beneficial if you have other children on the waitlist.

Q. Why did my waitlist number change?


Great Hearts waitlist is ordered based on application type and priority status, if applicable. When a seat becomes available, it is offered to the first applicant on the waitlist. Applicants may move up or down on the waitlist depending on application priority and type above them. For example, a non-priority status application could move from #10 to #11 on the waitlist because an application was submitted with a priority status.

Q. Will accepting a seat at Live Oak affect my status on any other waitlist?


No. Waitlists are run independently so your acceptance will not affect your status at another academy. We do ask, however, that if you accept an offer at another academy (or any other school), that you let us know as soon as you have decided on another school so we can offer your seat to the next child on the waitlist.

Q. What if I do not have my child’s birth certificate or social security card?


Social Security Card: You will need to request a new card (https://faq.ssa.gov/en-US/Topic/article/KA-02723). You may bring in the request receipt at your registration appointment in place of the SS Card UNTIL the card arrives. Then you will need to bring the actual card in for our records.

Birth Certificate: You will need to request a new birth certificate (https://txapps.texas.gov/tolapp/ovra/).  For out of state certificates, please find that state’s request procedure. You can then bring in the request receipt (or payment receipt) in place of the birth certificate UNITL the certificate arrives. Then you will need to bring the actual certificate in for our records. Passports are also accepted.

Q. I live in an arrangement where my name (or my spouse’s name) is not on any official lease or utilities. How do I submit Proof of Residency?


We accept many forms of proofs – car insurance, bank statements, current parent transcripts, tax documents from current year, current mail from government agencies, LTC license, medical card, voter’s registration, etc. If you still do not have these documents, we have a form that you can have your landlord notarize for proof of residency.

Q. I cannot find the Registration Packet! Where is it located?


Log into parent portal: https://greathearts.schoolaxis.com/  

In the Enrollment Box, click “My Applications” 

Find your child and click “Show Applications” 

If you have not already done so, click the green “+ Accept Offer” button 

Confirm your acceptance by clicking “Complete” 

If you have already Accepted the Offer, click the green “Register” Button 

Complete the Registration Packet

If you have completed the registration packet, then you should see a teal “Download Packet” button. Click the button to download the packet. (Check your popup blocker if the download does not begin after a while.) If you cannot download or print, email D’Ann Hart and she can print it for you.

Open and print the Registration Packet PDF. Sign the 7 parent signature lines throughout the packet and bring the packet to your registration appointment.

Q. What are the selection criteria for enrollment?


We are open enrollment. We have no selection filters. We ask no questions of race, socio-economic status, intellectual ability or academic prowess prior to applying to our school.