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GHLO 101 – New Family Orientation

2021-2022 Academic Calendar and School Times

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After-School Programs

Athenaeum (ath-uh-nay-uhm):
Great Hearts’ After-School Athenaeum is focused on the liberal arts and promotes learning
by providing students a diverse array of culturally enriching, academically oriented activities.
Athenaeum also provides supervised homework time, friendship building, recreation, and more! Click the link above to learn more.

Curriculum Overview


Classics to Keep

Books are at the core of a classical, liberal arts education. At Great Hearts Academies, it has always been the tradition for students to develop a personal library of books which constitute the core reading of a Great Hearts education. We call these books “Classics to Keep.” Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to purchase these books for their students’ personal collections so that they can thoughtfully annotate them during class discussions and then keep them for years after — allowing students to develop their own impressive personal library of classics over the course of their academic career with Great Hearts. The 2020-21 Classics to Keep can be found here.

2020-2021 School Supply List

The 2021-2022 EduKits are now available for purchase! Remember to purchase your kit based on the grade level your student will be in the 2021-2022 school year. EduKits will only be mailed home this year. Shipping directly to school is no longer an option. Order by June 15, 2021 for best pricing and free shipping. All orders must be placed by July 18th.  Order an EduKit here.

Purchasing an Edukit is optional and is by no means required. Should you prefer to purchase the supplies independently, reference the 2021-22 supply list here. We ask that you purchase comparable products to those listed, but you are not required purchase the exact brands listed.

Special Student Services

As a public school, we offer Special Education, 504, MTSS and English as a Second language services for those who qualify. Click here for Student Services.

Community Investment

We are honored to partner with our families through the Community Investment campaign. Thanks to your support, we offer our students the education they deserve to become great-hearted leaders prepared for the 21st century. Participation in our annual campaign is not required to enroll your children at Great Hearts Live Oak, however is encouraged to help our school cover the gap between what we receive and what we need to deliver a top-tier education. For more information about Community Investment and why is it critical to our school, click here for our Community Investment page.

Parent Service Organization (PSO) and Volunteering

The transformative education offered at Great Hearts Live Oak will only be possible through the generous and passionate commitment of a Parent Service Organization (PSO). As a parent and/or guardian you will join a community of like-minded families dedicated to the success of Great Hearts Live Oak and its students. Click here to learn more about our PSO.

2020-2021 Family Handbook