Upper School Administration

Great Hearts Live Oak

Matthew Kost »

Dean of Student Culture and House Life

Kimeisha McCullum »

Director of Community Engagement & Academy Giving

Kimberlee Taylor »

College Counselor/Campus Test Coordinator

Upper School Operations

Operations Team at Great Hearts Live Oak

Student Life

Student Life at Great Hearts Live Oak

Jasmin McDuffie »

2D Lead Teacher/Athletic Director (6-9th Grade)

Samantha Silvas »

After-School Program Coordinator

Upper School Special Student Services

Great Hearts Live Oak Student Services Faculty

Theresa Butler »

Special Student Services Coordinator

Crystal Thompson

Math Interventionist

Jacqueline Melgoza »

Emergent Bilingual Coordinator and Teacher

Marina Cruz »

Special Education Assistant Teacher

Angel Chappell

Special Education Assistant Teacher

Upper School Faculty

Great Hearts Live Oak Faculty

Reed Hanson »

Latin 1 Instructor (6th Grade)

Erin Szews »

Latin II and Latin III Instructor (8-9th Grade)

Chloe Sonnier »

Literature/Composition Instructor (6th Grade)

Hannah Bub »

Literature/Composition Instructor (7-8th Grade)

Timothy Swinney »

Medieval/Texas/American History (7-9th Grades)

Ashley Smith »

Humane Letters/Literature and Composition (7th)

Tymber Bartosch »

Fundamentals of Math Instructor (6th Grade)

David Monterroso »

Pre-Algebra/Geometry Instructor (7th & 9th Grade)

Grace Hauger »

Algebra 1 Instructor (8-9th Grade)

Samuel Haton »

Life Science Instructor (6th Grade)

Lizbeth Cruz-Salazar »

Earth Science/Biology Instructor (8-9th Grade)

Brenda Lemke-Gouthro »

Physical Science/Biology Instructor (7-9th Grade)

Tommy Alt »

Studio Art Instructor (6th and 8th Grade)

Tina Salas »

Physical Education Instructor (6-9th Grade)