On 9/14, Great Hearts Live Oak will move into a model of concurrent instruction for all students, whether they are distance or campus-based learners. Assignments will continue to be posted to Google Classroom for all students, and cohorts of class sections will contain both distance and campus-based learners. Campus-based instruction will be phased in over a two-week period that will ensure safe and uninterrupted instruction for all learners. The phase-in period begins with our youngest learners during the week of 9/14, and concludes on 9/25 when all campus-based learners will begin five day a week campus-based instruction.

All campus-based learners in grades K-6 will be assigned to an “Oaks” or “Owls” schedule. Students assigned to “Owls” will attend class on Monday and Wednesday during the phase-in period, and students assigned to “Oaks” will attend class on Tuesday and Thursday. 7th grade campus-based learners will begin attending five days per week on 9/21. All campus-based learners will learn remotely on Friday, 9/18. Consecutive campus-based instruction begins on Friday, 9/25.

To view the Owls and Oaks phase-in calendar, please click here.

At any time, parents may choose to switch from in-person to distance learning. If a student is enrolled in distance learning, they must wait until the beginning of the next quarter to opt into in-person learning. For more information about switching from distance to in person learning, please e-mail our Director of Campus Operations at Martha.Bernal@greatheartsliveoak.org.

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Great Hearts Safe Return to School 

Distance Learning School Policies

  • Family Handbook
  • Honor Code
  • Students are required to be in their uniform for distance learning. Students who are not in uniform will be politely asked to change into their uniform. For information about our school dress code, click here.
  • When logging onto a Zoom call, please ensure that the participant name is your student’s full name. There are safety protocols we are required to follow and teachers are unable to admit students into Zoom calls who has a participant name that does match their roster. For a step by step walk through, click here.
  • When accessing Google Classroom, please ensure that your scholar is using their school issued credentials. Using personal or parent account will not give permissionto enter any Great Heart’s Google Classrooms.

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